Essential Oils and the Bible


Essential Oils and the Bible
Learn About the Ancient Uses of Essential OilsAs Easter approaches, it is amazing to reminisce upon the symbolism of the lifeblood of essential oils and the lifeblood of Christ. Anciently, essential oils and herbs were used for many purposes including spiritually, and physically. Spiritually, the oils were used in meditation and known for their ability to open the pituitary gland to receive more light and inspiration, while meditating and in the temple. Essential oils were also used in the purification of lepers and other physical illnesses and when Christ anointed and blessed others. Essential oils were also used, anciently, for emotional well-being.12 of the Essential Oils in the Bible:
– Frankincense Proverbs 21:20
– Galbanum Exodus 30:34
– White Fir 2 Samuel 6:5
– Cassia (Oil of Gladness) Psalms 45:8
– Spikenard Mark 14:3 and Song of Solomon 4:13-14
– Myrrh Esther 2:12
– Myrtle Isaiah 55:13
– Cedarwood
– Calamus Song of Solomon 4:13-14
– Sandalwood
– Jasmine
– Cinnamon Song of Solomon 4:13-14
– Juniper Berry
– Cypress
– Hyssop Exodus 12:22
– Olive Oil Samuel 16:13Essential oils have been used for thousands of years, and having and using essential oils here in our modern day brings healing, emotional stability, clarity to the mind, along with a deeper spiritual connection to life and to the earth.

Now is the time for us to use these gifts to naturally cleanse and heal.

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