Losing your hair?

I was brushing my teeth one morning and noticed Kim staring at the top of my head with this weird grin on her face.  “What?” I said, feeling slightly uncomfortable.  She said “Your hair is growing!”  I looked in the mirror, and yes!  Yes it was growing!  Where there was previously bare smooth skin on top of my head, there stood small sporadic little tufts of hair.  I said it must be the LLV supplements.  I had been taking them for about 6 months.  Shortly after starting on the LLV, my family physician took me off of my Antihypertensive meds due to my blood pressure normalizing.  This is great!  First my blood pressure normalizes, and now I am growing hair again!  How much better can things get?

Anyway, once again, my curiosity was aroused, so I took to researching this phenomenon.  Take a look below and see what I found out about Essential Oils and hair growth:
Beautiful-Lavender-Fields-Of-France5 Suffering from thinning hair?  Good news!  According to one study found in naturaldatabase.com, a blend of Lavender, Cedarwood, Rosemary, and Thyme may help regrow hair by up to 44% after daily applications for seven months!  Mix 10 drops of each oil in a glass bottle.  Shampoo and rince hair.  Apply oil blend to scalp, gentry massage in and leave.  Do this once a day.  Your hair will smell great!  Try it and send us those before and after pics in Seven months!


Just don’t get any on your back : )

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