Guide to Essential Oils and Drug Interactions now on iTunes

We are pleased to announce the release of MAD Oiler’s Guide to Essential Oils is now available for download on iTunes!  We listened to your feedback and have reformatted and redesigned this handy resource guide to be more friendly to mobile devices.  Now you can have over 700 medication interactions right at your finger tips!  Click on the picture to take you to iTunes now!


And as an added bonus, The first 5 people to comment on this post will receive a code to download the book for free!
*Coming soon Guide to Essential Oils available for Android Devices!!!!


  1. kelly shorten says

    Thank you for all the work that was put into this. It will help me help others on their journey to achieve personal wellness.

  2. Jeanne Lejon says

    This looks like a great item. I saw a recommendation and came to find out about it!

    • says

      The Android compatible ebook will be $9.99. We are working now to reformat it. Hope to have it available within the next week. Stay tuned!

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