The Ultimate Muscle Aches and Pains Bath Soak



I was awoken by Kim early one Saturday morning to inform me that I had been “voluntold” for a 5K Mud Run.  I thought to myself, oh good.  That will be a good excuse to start running again.  I asked her “When is the race?”   “Now!  Get dressed.”  Now understand that, I have not run, jogged, or even walked at a brisk pace at anytime in the past 10 years!  So I manned up and went with my son to the Mud Factor 5K.

I did better than expected, I made it through all obstacles, finished the course, got muddy and had a blast with my son!  Now flash forward 24 hours….  My long dormant muscles are staging a revolt.  They don’t want to move, bend, or flex in any form.  I am moving like a frail old man.   So, I reach for the oils and head for the bath tub.  The relief is almost immediate!  I can now bend and move, my muscles are now content, Life is good!  I tried this recipe a few weeks ago when I injured my back doing some yard work and it worked equally as well.  Knowing that there are probably others out there in similar distress, I thought I would share it with you:

Add to bath water:

6 drops each of:











Soak and Relax! IMG_3588IMG_3531


  1. Kandace Phillips says

    I didn’t know ya’ll did this. All of the pictures made me smile. Thanks for being and awesome Dad! I sure do love my Kam Man.
    Ps. Thanks for the recipe. I just started at home Crossfit. Lord help my muscles.
    Love ya’ll.

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