PAST Due! You’ve exceeded your limit!

past due
You lye in bed exhausted and ready to see nothing more than the back of your eye lids. Your eyes close, the pace surrenders to a steady beat as you lay your head on your pillow. Suddenly, it’s like a backfire… POW! And it begins…. The chatter begins in the head. Did I put the food in the fridge from dinner? Did I put the clothes in the dryer? Did I wash the soccer uniform for the game? Did I pack everyone’s lunch for school? Did I sign the forms for the teacher? I need to finish my work. I really should get up and do a few more hours of work. Did I pay the phone bill?
Sh*!, did I deposit the check? Ugh…. Do I even have money to pay the bills? How am I going to have enough money? I need to get up. I will sleep when I’m dead! The chatter, OH! the damn chatter.
Sprung to your feet to escape the noise in your head. You run to the kitchen to check to see if you put the food away. Of course, you make note that there are dishes in the sink so why not clean the kitchen? Your up! One less thing on your “to do” list. Washing and wishing away your thoughts in your head at last, you have that AH-HA moment you’ve been waiting for, I remember! You know, that one thing that you were trying to remember all day, that you needed to do and didn’t do.
Your brain kicked in high gear spitting and sputtering like a busted distributor cap on a car and had a brain fart igniting your memory bank. You needed to check the mail. The damn mail. That was what it was… I needed to check the mail. Why was that so hard to remember?
Remember, when checking the mail was actually fun? Hell, being a kid was fun. Yet, we all couldn’t wait to grow up. We all swore we would never use our parents term, “Enjoy being a kid while it lasts being a grown up is no fun. You pay bills, taxes and you die!” It was so cool to get the mail! Until, you grew up. Then the mail became a routine of collecting bills, debts, obligations, responsibilities, and learned lessons. On occasion, generally holidays once in a blue moon you get a warm fuzzy in the mail. A real heart felt, make you giddy “like a kid” kind of mail. For a moment, you can feel like a kid in a candy store putting a smile on your face. Yahoo! It’s not a Bill!
Rummaging through the mail you stop as you see the “PAST DUE” notice, and toss it. Next, you rip open the credit card statement to read, “You’ve exceeded your limit!” Exceeded the limit? WHAT? As if, you didn’t already know. Your minimum due is more than your weekly pay.
That smile on your face quickly turns upside down and gloom and doom cast over you. Where did that happy kid go with a smile on their face…? All grown up with debt to pay!
Not only have you grown up. Now you have little’s. These little’s watch your every move. Mimicking your actions. They feel the sunshine in your smile and they see the clouds in your eyes when your about to cry. They know you. They’re a part of you. So it’s not a surprise when they ask you, “What’s wrong mommy?”
As you fight back the waterfalls knowing you have no money to pay the bills. Not one thing in the mailbox was good news. It shows on your face. You respond with excuses and fairytales that all is okay. Sweeping the obvious under the carpet. Neglecting the truth. Telling lies.
Guess What? Your little one’s know better! Its not what you say, its how you say it.
Here we are now as Mothers. Some of us, employed, (or not), self –employed, stay at home moms, single moms, married moms. Mom’s on missions to make it all happen. Juggling the day to day with work and play. Conquering the odds with time running against us. Racking up the debt living beyond our means. Interpreting needs as wants. Wants as needs. If only we could buy love and happiness on a shelf. Hell we’d all be lined up to purchase it.
The route from kid to adult happened in a blink of an eye. Debt occurred equally as fast. Now, as moms we are Managers of Chaos in the 21st Century. Trying to buy everyone’s happiness including our own. To find our selves where? Waking up in the middle night with thoughts chasing fears. Fears chasing thoughts. How do I fix it? What do I do now? We look in the mirror and lost is what we see. We are lost. We look at our children and when there not looking at their phones an actually see us they say, “Mom are you okay?” We hide behind a smile but, not like the smile when were a child. Moreover, like the smile when the doctor says open wide and say ahh. Grinning and bearing it with that constipated sound ahhhhhhh…..
AH-HA! there it is again, that moment of clarity. Our kids spotted our child within hiding behind the grin and call us on it. Mom, “I know something’s wrong what is it? You break. Tears flow. You don’t know where to begin. They whisper in your ear “Mommy, a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck!” So sweet, so simple, so sincere. You hold them tight. Praying they stay little forever. But, you know they grow up and in the blink of an eye they too will be grown like you.
So what to do? You’re a mom, your broke, your life is in chaos, you feel as if you cant see the forest for the trees, your kids know something’s wrong, your relationship(s) are suffering from the disconnect and disarray of the day to day. You feel like you’ve failed at failing.
It’s time to cash in on what you can do. Repossess the negatives from your life. Deposit the can – do’s and withdraw the cant’s. Bankrupted? Time to get back up! You afford yourself the life you want to live. Invest in You!
Ask yourself this…. Are you PAST DUE of taking care of YOU? Have you exceeded the limits of what is truly important to you?

 Don’t know how? Don’t know where to begin. Start here! GET MAD! Motivated, Activated and Dedicated!

It’s time to focus on what’s missing and not what’s wrong. Reconnecting the heart to the home. Family First!
You’re a MOM and you’ve exceeded your limit! Your Past Due in finding YOU.
Take Action! Pay it Forward. GET MAD! Motivated, Activated, Dedicated!
Imagine creating a relationship with your reflection and mirroring that image in all that you do. I will teach you the steps to fuel your body with food, power with love, find faith in self and freedom from finances.
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All you need to do is: Pay It Forward!
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