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We are actively seeking leaders to join our family on our MAD Oiler’s Team. We are currently accepting applications for leadership positions. We are seeking LIKE MINDED LEADERS with the same passion and purpose to join us on this wellness journey.

Start you wellness journey today 1We love the opportunities that MADOiler’s has given our family! Freedom to manage our families health in a more natural way.  In addition, MADOiler’s affords us the opportunity to work from home and educate others to find more natural health care alternatives.


MAD Oiler’s is growing by leaps and bounds, and we’re are looking for MOTIVATED, ACTIVATED, and DEDICATED  individuals you want to change their lives. We are MAD about educating, empowering and engaging folks on a wellness journey. We are looking for LEADERS that we can MENTOR, COACH and push forward into the best chapter of their lives by launching their own work at home career with MADOiler’s.

MAD Oiler’s just like YOU had a desire to change the health and wealth of their family.

Jason, a Registered Nurse and  Kimberly, an Entrepreneur Extraordinaire together joined MADOilers like YOU to begin a wellness journey in July of 2013. We quickly learned that MADOiler’s was a family business. As our 7 children and 3 grand-children began to gain the benefits of a natural living.  We began a mission with MAD Oiler’s to share essential oils into every home in the world educating family wellness.

As a company, MADOiler’s is growing at an exponential rate, and NOW is the TIME to jump on board. Not only have essential oils drastically changed our family here at MAD Oiler’s, but they are used by people from all walks of life, by Physicians, Health Professionals, and hospitals across the country and world-wide..


MAD Oiler’s Business Experience

Jason is a veteran ER Nurse, and former US Army Officer, who spent the past 21 years working around the country on travel assignments, before settling down in Alaska. Jason’s passion with essential oils lies in researching, and educating family’s on how to take control of their healthcare, integrating Alternative Therapies with Western Medicine.

Kimberly, is a Family Wellness Advocate and Mentor.  A true-born entrepreneur. Networking for over 20 years. Inspiring people to have a relationship with their reflection, and teaching them how to mirror that image in all areas of their lives. Kimberly loves to educate people on how to disconnect in order to become connected, and get plugged into focusing more on the mindset and skills to making a life, verses making a living.


With the RISE in health care costs there has NEVER been a BETTER time to PROMOTE NATURAL ALTERNATIVES with MADOiler’s.  People are looking for ways to feel better, heal their bodies, and live naturally. YOU can be a part of this wellness journey while making money from your OWN home.

  • 4 Trillion Dollars spent on healthcare each year in the U.S
  • Preschoolers are fastest growing age group being prescribed ANTIDEPRESSANTS
  • Every major illness is on the rise… Cancer, Diabetes, Anxiety, Heart Disease, Depression and many others.


  • Use oils to help with – colds, cuts, headaches, stress A.D.D., depression, viral/bacterial infections, burns, rashes, & more…
  • More effective than synthetic medicines, absorbed quickly, NO chemical/additives, NO side effects or risks of addiction.
  • 100% NATURAL – distilled from plants, SAFE to use on anyone and your pets.
  • Essential Oils can be used – Aromatically, Topically, Internally.
  • EXAMPLE : Cost to treat an ear infection – DOCTORS VISIT – $35, Prescription $15 VS. Essential Oils, use Basil and Lavender Oil : . 64 Cents





Recently I mentioned to Kimberly that I was having some really bothersome health challenges. She offered to speak to me on the phone and literally spent 1 1/2 hours sharing her knowledge and experience with things that were very useful and helpful to me. She also so generously sent me samples of her oils and explained to me what they are for and gave me all the pertinent information. Kimberly is so incredibly kind, patient, generous and giving. She cares so much about others and gives her all to every situation that comes her way. She’s truly amazing.Julie Latz  – New York.

When we first met Kim, we were in a place in our business where we were paralyzed and unable to move forward. We had some successes early on and we knew our business could be successful but we didn’t know what action to take to move forward, so we found ourselves consistently taking no action. A few months later, we were in the same place but we began having the opportunity to spend time with Kim. As we did, we found her giving selflessly of time and herself to teach us how to bring organization and action back into our family and our business. As we began to learn these skills, our actions turned into momentum for our business. A couple of months after this momentum began, our business began to grow once again. Thank you, Kim! You have blessed us more than you know. – The Vocal Essentialist, Ben & Jane Drebert  – Anchorage, Alaska

I wanted to take this opportunity to just say that if you have the privilege of knowing Kim and Jason in this lifetime. You are very lucky. I love them dearly. I don’t mean – Oh hey – Love ya. I mean it. I’ve never been in business with someone as amazing as Kim. This woman puts her heart and soul into every single thing she does for me and everyone on her “team”. She is my mentor. She is my friend. It doesn’t matter what you ask her or how many times. She will be there for you and your business 24/7. LITERALLY. If you’re wondering what it’s like to be on an AMAZING team and are on the fence about it. She will help you every single step of the way and make it fun and you will learn more than you thought you could. I’m blessed to have found her and I couldn’t have found a more caring and special leader. She doesn’t like the term for herself as a leader, but she is. Business with her is a pleasure. I kinda poured my heart out here a little more than I thought i would. BUT. I want everyone to know how amazing she is to work with. My business just would not be the same without her in it.  EternallyJoy, Joy Larson  – Anchorage, Alaska

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