PAST Due! You’ve exceeded your limit!

Past Due

You lye in bed exhausted and ready to see nothing more than the back of your eye lids. Your eyes close, the pace surrenders to a steady beat as you lay your head on your pillow. Suddenly, it’s like a backfire… POW! And it begins…. The chatter begins in the head. Did I put the food in the fridge from … [Read More...]


Cilantro Hummus

Hummus is great with: raw veggies spread on sandwiches (add kenai cheese dip- which is our favorite in our home) spread on gluten free tortillas, topped with your favorite cheese, and … [Read More...]


Vodka-Thyme Lemonade

Vodka-Thyme Lemonade   Print Do you have THYME? Find out why you need it. Author: Kim Ivey Recipe type: Vodka - Thyme Lemonade Serves: 8 Ingredients 2 cups organic cane sugar 3-4 drops … [Read More...]


MAD Oilers Money Tips… Meal Planning for Kids

Accustomed to the busy lifestyle of raising seven children, nurturing a business, and consistently being on the go. I am often asked, " How to do manage kids, business and life." My answer always … [Read More...]


Friends and Family

Our big day finally got here.  It was one hectic week of preparation, and a roller coaster of emotions.  It was truly a magical day for us, made possible by some of the best friends anyone could have. … [Read More...]